Voyage Around The World board game

Voyage Around The World

Voyage Around The World

My client Red Paper Plane turned one of their most successful missions - Mission: Storyteller, in a standalone game for the whole family with three thematic editions. I had the pleasure to create the ''Voyage around the world'' edition, which refers to different locations around the world - from the amazing Great barrier reef to the cold ice of Greenland, with heroes who are facing many different unexpected situations in their travels. My job was to create the whole cards deck, together with the box design.

The cards are perfect for all little ones and grown-ups, who want to have fun and develop their imagination, creative thinking and communication skills.

The first edition was published in a co-branding collaboration with NIVEA for their 2017 autumn campaign. The standalone editions will soon be translated in English and will be available for purchase at Red Paper Plane's online shop together with the Bulgarian versions.

October 7, 2017