The Carousel King and The Space Mission

Children's book illustration for the picture book ''The Carousel King and the Space Mission'' written by Leticia Ordaz, published by Cielito Lindo Books.

He’s too scared to ride! Can this brave Latinx boy overcome his fear and fly to the moon and back? Maxton can’t wait to try new things. So when he spots a beautiful carousel at the zoo, he’s jumping up and down to take a turn on the super-cool dragon. But as the merry-go-round starts to spin, the startled kid jumps off terrified! After the magical fire-breathing beast appears in Maxton’s sleep with words of encouragement, he wakes up determined to try again. Now bursting with courage, he dreams of building carousels in space to spread happiness and clever inventions throughout the solar system. Next stop, Jupiter! When he teams up with his little brother to make a rocket ship, can they bring new life and fun to every planet? With charming illustrations, this inspirational tale shows what happens when creative Latinx youth are allowed to explore their bold ideas. Told in both English and Spanish, kids will dream big and realize exciting careers in STEAM fields are completely within their grasp. Encourage your child to join Maxton and shout, “I can do anything!” The Carousel King and the Space Mission is an enchanting children’s book for ages four to eight.

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February 24, 2022