Midnight Magic

Illustrations and cover design for Marmot Books
Language: Bulgarian
Hardback with a gold foil finish, 104 pages
Author: Ralitsa Merdjanova
Website: https://marmot-books.com/product/valshebsto-v-polunosht/

About the book:
Initially set on stage as dance performances, all the stories in this book bring different emotions.

In this book, you will find 5 Christmas stories that will walk you into the magical worlds of Candyland, lock you in a museum, or take you all the way to Broadway! You will go on an adventure with a Christmas train and look for the lost Christmas together with a little girl who adores the holiday.

Each story happens in a different era but what connects them is that they manage to fight all obstacles thanks to their belief in miracles.

January 9, 2023